• Image of The Sea in the Way (signed hardcover)
  • Image of The Sea in the Way (signed hardcover)

Signed, hardcover copy of The Sea in the Way.
(Harper Collins/Greenwillow, September 07, 2022, ISBN 9780063025196)
Height: 279mm
Width: 229mm

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Publisher's Weekly starred review:

'In Gilmore’s austere, almost mythic images, the sea grasps at its desire with dozens of small waves that look eerily like hands. Though she’s come so close to having what she wants, Badger reaches for a reframe (and a telephone) in this powerful story about learning to connect with faraway loved ones and care for one’s immediate community, too.'

Kirkus starred review:

'Dreamy, smart waves of love, longing, listening, and learning. Hands will be picking up the phone to dial a beloved friend or family member after closing this book. Muted greens, soft grays, and spots of sleepy red complement the quiet yet potent prose, making for an insightful commentary on separation.'

Book description:

'When it's bedtime for Badger, the sun is rising for Bear. Bear isn't there to tuck Badger in or hear about her day or spend time with her, except on the telephone. Missing Bear, Badger tries to cross the sea to reunite with her friend, but ends up getting tossed right back to where she started. The sea is always in the way!

When the sea requests a few gifts in exchange for safe passage, Badger looks for something special. And looks and looks. Soon enough, she sees the wonders that surround her--and she even makes a new friend! In the end, Badger realizes that Bear may be even closer than she thought.'

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